18 de octubre de 2010


Some people ask me about my blog name. It’s easy. It’s the title of a Beirut song. If you want to listen it, just CLICK HERE. It’s also a large caliber gun, so named because hunters for elephants use it. I personally don’t like think to this sense of the word. I like just imagine ELEPHANT GUN like a gun with the barrel of a elephant doll, as a toy for children, it’s a nice image, isn’t it? In addition I believe that both united words have a nice sound. Here is the justification of the title of my blog. BTW, I would like to change my URRL "martinacamila.blogspot" for this, but I can’t. Somebody knows how to do it? On the other hand, I want to say that I’m just charmed with the 34 comments in the previous post. And I’m incredibly surprised for the 31 FOLLOWERS… I never imagine that! (For some people that have 300 follower and 40 comments in every post this will seem stupid, but it’s very important for me.)

So again THANK YOU all of you, and especially tot the 31 followers! Haha :) It makes me very happy.

The photos upload today are of a session with Aina Cuffi and Vick, with Melendez cam.

Thanks, again.xoxo

Elephant Gun

8 de octubre de 2010

Ai, Dolors.

I didn’t upload for a while... The reason it’s simple: the beginning of the year in a new school it’s being a bit difficult. Yes, I’ve changed of school (yeaah). The new one it’s pretty cool, the people are very handsome and the classes are funny.
But with all the work of batxillerato (11th grade it’s not a joke!) I begin to miss seriously the summer. And the memories of the beach, the Sun and the good times still there… So, I upload a few photos taken in a lake (in USA) this July to keep this in mind.
It was a weird little place. With springboards, liana, enormous rocks (7-8 meters) (I don’t know the feet that it’s equivalent) from where you can jump to the water it, volleyball, basketball enormous woods floating, little boats, a swimming pool, a lot of delicious hot dogs, hamburgers and pizzas… AWSEOME!

Ouhhh!!!! Summer I really miss you!

Good weekend, be good.


Elephant Gun

27 de septiembre de 2010

Weir kiwi ring

Ok, the whole world knows that the city that never sleeps it’s incredible in all the aspects, but, when you are there, in front of the bridge of Brooklyn or the statue of liberty, everything that you have been imagining is too small. And these sensations keep repeating even if it’s the fourth time that you walk along the 5th avenue. And it will stay happening for a very long time.

Because this it’s the only place where the architecture more impossible mixes with the simplest in perfect harmony, where thousands of persons of different cultures, of different ideas, of distant countries, coexist. The only city where every day, the street turns into a fashion parade, where everything begins, what everybody talks about: New York.

And an only word can define the feeling that I experience in my fourth trip to the big city: happiness. I upload some of the best pics taken this day. Enjoy!

OUH! I have a very good anecdote. When we were (and with we I mean Vick, Aina Cuffi and I) in Times Square and two women very funny came to us and ask if they could do a mini-interview about fashion to us. The three, been charmed with, we answered simultaneously: Shure! So, they start quizzing about our fashion idols, magazines that we read... And then they invite us to pose for the photographer of the New York magazine “foot wear” (or something like that) who was there too. We were completely charmed with; appear in a fashion magazine, this was soooo cool.

I don’t know if we gonna found in Barcelona this magazine, or even if we gonna appear in it, but been choose in the crowed NY, you, exactly you, it’s already a little something.

Take care of yourself, xoxo

Elephant Gun

24 de septiembre de 2010

Amazing little things

Ok, this is so weird... I forgot the password of the blog and the e-mail (because they were the same, LOL).This means that for two months it has been impossible for me to update.The result is that the people who were following my blog don't do it now, so it is as I was beginning again.

But I'm very excited, so everything is gona be alright.
This last two month a lot of things happen.I went to the United States with Vick and Anna to do an ex-change with American people during a month. I suppose that I will begin with this.

It was an amazing trip perfect to know a lot of new persons, new cultures and have fun!

So, there I leave you with a few photos of these days.
This is it for today, hope upload soon with more pictures of the trip! xoxo!

Vick, Anna and Me in the Rockefeller center, in New York city.

Trying to take a "white house" picture with the Mini Dina of Vick

The yellow bus (also called the oven-bus)

Washington DC, in front of the Abraham Lincoln memorial.

The group of catalans in the Top of the Rock, Baltimore.

PD. Most of the pictures are taken by Aina Cuffi.

13 de junio de 2010


This weekend I went to Viki's house to create a videoclip of the famous song THAT'S NOT MY NAME. (The ting tings).
If you want to see the result


This are the photos of the making off. Have a nice day!
Elephant Gun

31 de mayo de 2010

Love BCN

Good time, good day, good feeling..... good city. You can still found a desert place in the crowded
BARCELONETA, you just have to search.