18 de octubre de 2010


Some people ask me about my blog name. It’s easy. It’s the title of a Beirut song. If you want to listen it, just CLICK HERE. It’s also a large caliber gun, so named because hunters for elephants use it. I personally don’t like think to this sense of the word. I like just imagine ELEPHANT GUN like a gun with the barrel of a elephant doll, as a toy for children, it’s a nice image, isn’t it? In addition I believe that both united words have a nice sound. Here is the justification of the title of my blog. BTW, I would like to change my URRL "martinacamila.blogspot" for this, but I can’t. Somebody knows how to do it? On the other hand, I want to say that I’m just charmed with the 34 comments in the previous post. And I’m incredibly surprised for the 31 FOLLOWERS… I never imagine that! (For some people that have 300 follower and 40 comments in every post this will seem stupid, but it’s very important for me.)

So again THANK YOU all of you, and especially tot the 31 followers! Haha :) It makes me very happy.

The photos upload today are of a session with Aina Cuffi and Vick, with Melendez cam.

Thanks, again.xoxo

Elephant Gun

8 de octubre de 2010

Ai, Dolors.

I didn’t upload for a while... The reason it’s simple: the beginning of the year in a new school it’s being a bit difficult. Yes, I’ve changed of school (yeaah). The new one it’s pretty cool, the people are very handsome and the classes are funny.
But with all the work of batxillerato (11th grade it’s not a joke!) I begin to miss seriously the summer. And the memories of the beach, the Sun and the good times still there… So, I upload a few photos taken in a lake (in USA) this July to keep this in mind.
It was a weird little place. With springboards, liana, enormous rocks (7-8 meters) (I don’t know the feet that it’s equivalent) from where you can jump to the water it, volleyball, basketball enormous woods floating, little boats, a swimming pool, a lot of delicious hot dogs, hamburgers and pizzas… AWSEOME!

Ouhhh!!!! Summer I really miss you!

Good weekend, be good.


Elephant Gun